A tale of Light & Darkness unfolds...


PokéLand 0 is a fan-fiction aiming to tell a story between the conflict of light and darkness, set in a modern day world with magical influences.

That story is divided into many episodes across different kinds of media. Episode 1-3 for example released as videogames (Pokémon Rom Hacks) and Episode 4 released as a fanfiction.


Accompany the teenagers Chimchar, Riolu, Piplup & Torchic, who grew up as orphans, now wanting to discover their home world. Yet, the planet has to face a strong danger, known as Darkness themself. But this won’t stop the gang to help the inhabitants of Xenos. Along their journey they’ll meet many friends, but also strong opponents.


Pokéland 0 is an action-adventure RPG! Engage in strategic turn-based battles, solve puzzles and play a variety of minigames while enjoying a captivating story.

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Chimchar is the main-protagonist of PokéLand 0. He’s a 12 year old boy with a lot of fire. Chimchar has a strong will and he absolutely wanted to see what lies beyond the orphanage. And so, he initiated a plan to escape from a place that became a bootcamp…

He absolutely loves stories and he’s the clown of the gang.

Riolu is also 12 years old and his best friend is Chimchar. He’s rather a calm person, but the enjoys being with his friends. He thinks very logically and he possesses a strong combination power.

He loves to practice martial arts and he’s the leader of the gang.

Piplup is Chimchar’s sister and she’s also 12 years old. Piplup is very cautious, but she can also be very explosive if someone makes her mad, so you better not mess with her 🙂

Her friends value the most for her and she always protects them.

L.U.C.K is the main antagonist of the series and best described as a devious tactician. He is a very mysterious person, leading a couple of operations in the name of creating a better world.

He always has a pokerface and his ability to change forms helps him with his strategic plans.

Cobalion is the leader of the Legendary Swords. He is a bit calm, but also very loyal . Although he is sometimes scared, he knows that he can always count on his friends.


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Episode 1 - Rise of Darkness (FireRed GBA-Rom Hack)

Episode 1 tells the beginning of the story of Chimchar & Co. They will meet a lot of friends, but also many foes standing in their way, while investigating on the black towers…

Release Date: September 3rd 2021

PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 8
Ep1 Treeway
PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 11
PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 10
PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 5
PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 7
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Episode 2 - New Horizons (FireRed GBA-Rom Hack)

After an a attempt marked by failure to infiltrate a black tower, the gang finds themselve in Soucen, where they learn about the Elemental plates – important artefacts that other people also seek…

Release Date: December 31st 2022

PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 6
PokeLand0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 11
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 5
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 3
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 2
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 7
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Episode 3 - Fate of the Swords (FireRed GBA-Rom Hack)

This story revolves around the Legendary Swords, also referred as Swords of Justice, who accomplish missions assigned by their boss Kyurem. Inevitably, they also have to clash with Darkness…

Release Date: 18th August 2023

Ep3 Screenshot 1
Ep3 Screenshot 2
Ep3 Screenshot 3
Ep3 Screenshot 6
Ep3 Screenshot 5
Ep3 Screenshot 4
Episode 3 Dev - Black Knight Caverns
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Episode 4 - Sympathy of Darkness (Fanfiction)

Episode 4 features the story of a young adult seeking his place in life, but then found himself in the Organization VII, led by the series main villain Luck. There he began to question the notions of light and Darkness..

Release Date: 22nd December 2023

And more episodes to come...

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