Chimchar is the main-protagonist of PokéLand 0. He’s a 12 year old boy with a lot of fire. Chimchar has a strong will and he absolutely wanted to see what lies beyond the orphanage. And so, he initiated a plan to escape from a place that became a bootcamp…

He absolutely loves stories and he’s the clown of the gang.

Riolu is also 12 years old and his best friend is Chimchar. He’s rather a calm person, but the enjoys being with his friends. He thinks very logically and he possesses a strong combination power.

He loves to practice martial arts and he’s the leader of the gang.

Piplup is Chimchar’s sister and she’s also 12 years old. Piplup is very cautious, but she can also be very explosive if someone makes her mad, so you better not mess with her 🙂

Her friends value the most for her and she always protects them.

Pikachu is a 12 year old boy, who loves being outside. That’s why he knows a lot of people. When he met the gang, he absolutely wanted to accompany them as he loves going on adventures.

His geographical knowledge is a huge help for them.

Torchic is the like a little brother to the gang. In the orphanage, he often get bullied by the others, because of his weakness and because he often got ill.

But Chimchar & Co. are always there for him. He stayed with Pikachu’s mother and trains with Aggron during the gang’s absence.

Grotle joined the gang since Episode 2. He’s a bit shy, but the journey helps him to get more out of his shell.

He is like a big brother for the gang and always strives to improve on helping them out.

L.U.C.K is the main antagonist of the series and best described as a devious tactician. He is a very mysterious person, leading a couple of operations in the name of creating a better world.

He always has a pokerface and his ability to change forms helps him with his strategic plans.

Cobalion is the leader of the Legendary Swords. He is a bit calm, but also very loyal . Although he is sometimes scared, he knows that he can always count on his friends.

Terrakion is part of the Legendary Swords and his best friend is Cobalion. He’s always a cheerful and positive person alike. To him, nothing seems impossible.

Although his kind nature, he can also be very imposing, if needed.

Virizion is the third member of the Legendary Swords. She’s happy that Zacian joined at least, so she’s not the only woman of the group.

She is very cooperative and the healer of the group.

Zacian joined the Swords of Justice a bit later, but she’s always very welcome. She is married to King Zamazenta of Magnolia and about to give birth during Episode 3.

Zacian has a careless nature and always sees the good in a person.

She also carries an important artefact…

And many more ...