Legal Notices

Legal Notices

PokéLand 0 & 1 is categorized as fanart of the Pokémon Franchise and is not meant to infridge said IP owned by Game Freak Inc., Creatures Inc. & ThePokémonCompany International.

We don’t sell or products or services related to PokéLand 0 & 1 and we don’t take any form of monetarization or donation. PokéLand 0 & 1’s sole purpose is to tell a story that is very important to me.

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Original Idea – Xero3C, luzifer5
Story – Xero3C
Lead Developer – Xero3C
Level Design – Xero3C
Programming – Entaro Ceraphenine, Xero3C
Play Testing – luzifer5, xdex7, Entaro Ceraphenine, Cadmus, A Random Trainer
Help / Support – Entaro Ceraphenine, CFRU-Discord, ThePoké
Regional/Custom Forms – Xero3C (Original Sprites belong to GameFreak Inc.)

Prof. Leon Dias – The Ultimate Fire Red Base
Skeli, Ghoulslash – Complete Fire Red Upgrade
Advance-Map by LU-HO
XSE by HackMew
HexManiacAdvance by haven
Overworld Manager by Kimonas
Hopeless Trainer Editor by Esperance
Gen3Tools by Kurapika
IntroTextEditor by HopelessFrench
beat Patcher by byuu

Avara, Anthroyd, AspiringPokeTrainer

Graphical Assets:
See attached PDF

Character Art for the Website  by Ken Sugimori

Data Protection

This website doesn’t and will never use any tools to collect data. We value your privacy.