PokéLand 0 is a story-driven action-adventure RPG game

While following the captivating story through many episodes, the main characters seek to help people who have to deal with Darkness.

As doing so, they often have to find their way through dungeons that are inspired from „The Legend of Zelda“. So, there are a lot of fun puzzles to solve, but the traditional turn-based battles will also be part of the gameplay.

In towns and routes, the teams will also have the opportunity to relax and engage with the people that live there and help them completing sidequests. Sometimes, they also find some fun activities, in form of minigames, to do!

Dungeons à la "The Legend of Zelda"

Dungeons offer a more interactive gameplay experience, by letting the players solve some puzzles, for example.

These dungeons are a core part of the PokéLand 0 games and they are inspired from franchises like „The Legend of Zelda“!

PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 5
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 4
PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 11
PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 10
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PKL0 Ep1 - Screenshot 5
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 2
PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 3
Ep3 Screenshot 2
Ep3 Screenshot 3
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Turn-based battles

The well-known turn-based battles from the Pokémon franchise, are, of course, present in the PokéLand 0 games too!

The main enemy is Darkness itself and the protagonists often have to fight agains strong boss-enemys! Analyze your enemy and find the right strategy to win the battle!


Minigames, found on certain routes or towns offer a fun experience and they help you to relax a bit.

Fighting Darkness is a hard job after all!

PokeLand 0 Episode 2 - Screenshot 7
Minigame - Rock Breaking
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Sidequests - Ep2 Delivery Mail
Sdiequest - PokeDolls
Sidequest - Ep2 Errands
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Visit beautiful towns, travel through pitoresque routes & help people in need.

They might offer you some useful items for your adventure too!